Why hire a professional?
Think about how many land mines a dog can drop in one day.  It is estimated that your average dog can drop 2 to 3 piles a day.  Multiply that by a week or a month and it boggles the mind.  Why should you or your kids have to pick it up.  How much time do you spend on this chore or how much whining do you hear?  Wouldn't you rather spend the time with your family doing happier, less nasty things?  Pet feces left in the yard will ruin the appearance of your yard, pollutes the ground water, attracts other unwanted pests and could cause harm to your family and pets.  Pets and family could accidentily step in the little gifts and track them into your house.  It is estimated that pet feces (or land mines as we like to call them) contain 23 million bacteria.  Pet feces are more than just a nuisance, pet waste can be a serious health hazard.

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Common parasties found in pet feces:     
Roundworms - The risk to humans is slight but roundworms are still a health concern.  there is no risk with fresh dog feces but the eggs can remain in the soil for several years.  Humans do not develop adult roundworms, but they can cause tissue and organ damage.  The biggest risk is to children because they often eat dirt, grass and fill their mouths with contaminated hands.
tapeworms - tapeworms are transmitted to pets by fleas or by pets eating wildlife or rodents.  tapeworms can be transmitted to humans through direct contact with your pet and are very hazardous.
hookworms - hookworms are transmitted through your pet's feet or belly from infected soil.  hookworms are one of the parasites that often infect puppies and can even be transmitted to puppies in the womb.
coccidia - This is a one-celled parasite that is transmitted through fecal matter.  Animals infected with this parasite can vomit, loose their appetite, become dehydrated and possibly die.
giardia - this is another one-celled parasite.  It lives in soil, food and water.  It can be on any surface that is contaminated with waste.  children can be at risk because of the habit of putting things in their mouth.
parvovirus - This is a killer to dogs.  It is transmitted via personal contact and through pet feces.  It can live in the environment for up to 12 months.
whipworms - whipworms are passed through dog feces.  While not a threat to humans, they can remain infectious for years and can often reinfect your pet.
heartworms - This is a serious and potentially fatal disease in dogs.  Heartworms can survive up to 5 years and during that time a female can produce millions of young.

Common parasites are transmitted from pet feces.  When a dog lays an infected land mine, the eggs of the parasites can stay in the soil for years.  Anyone who comes in contact with that part of your yard also comes in contact with the infected eggs.  Children love to play in the dirt and then put their hands in their mouth.  Even adults playing in a park or your yard could easily come in contact with the infected land mines.  These infections can make humans extremely sick and poses a serious health problem to unborn children.

As you can see, there are a number of harmful diseases that can infect your family or pets.  Why trust your health to anyone but a professional?  At Call 2 doody, llc we guarantee our work 100 percent.  As a member of APAWS (Association of Professional Animal Waste Specialists) we are held to a higher standard then someone who thinks this is an easy way to make a living (yes, some people do think that).  When you hire us, we make sure that our tools and shoes are sanitized before we enter your yard.  Do your teenagers do that?