Frequently Asked Questions:
Okay, so you probably have a ton of questions about professional pet waste removal.  We have tried to answer most of them here, but if you come up with one that we haven't answered, just email us and we will include it.

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Why should I hire a pet waste removal company?  There are many reasons to hire a professional company like call 2 doody.  Pet waste should be removed as soon as possible because it can pollute the ground water and attract pests.  With everyone's busy schedule, do you really have time to do this unpleasant chore?

Why can't i just use it for fertilizer?
  Cat and and dog feces should never be used as fertilizer because of the parasites that can cause disease in humans.

What happens to the poop after it is picked up?  according to your towns local ordinances, call 2 doody will bag it, seal it and leave it in your trash can.  If you don't want it on your property, we can haul it away for a small fee.  Please see the addiontal services page.

do I have to be home?  no, you do not have to be home.  As long as our MMPs (military poop patrol) have free access to your back yard we can still clean.

what happens if you get locked out or my dog won't let you in the yard?  Because our mmps have had to make the trip to your property, you will be charged for the visit.

Do I have to sign a long term contract?  a long term contract is not necessary.  we guarantee your satisfaction and we think you will be so happy we do not need to bind you to us.

if we are away for a week, can we suspend service?  you can suspend service for a week if your pet is not going to be there.  please call or email us at least 48 hours before your service date.

how do i know that you are not bringing in a disease from another property?  our mpps sanitize both their shoes and their equipment prior to entering your yard.

what happens if there is bad weather on my scheduled day?  we try our best to give you service on your regular day.  in the interest of safety, we do not perform our service in extreme weather.  your service day will be rescheduled the next day, weather permitting.

do you have gift certificates?  yes we do, contact our office and we can provide a gift certificate in the amount of your choosing.

do you have a referral service?  yes we do.  word of mouth is our best advertising.  visit our "Other good stuff" page for all of the information.

how do i sign up?  Signing up is easy.  you can call our office at 908-907-6256 or email us at